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Tays Greenlife podcaster Taylor Moody sat down with one of the guitarists from Face Yourself a band based out of New Jersey, New York and Colorado and France with six  members. With Eric DiCarlo on Drums,Thomas Cardone on Guitar, Corey Doremus guitar, Dave Ricco – Lead Guitar, Kyle Muenzner on bass.   

This new and upcoming deathcore band that has made a huge following on tiktok and YouTube with its 2 eps and 7 music videos with its new sound with a female vocalist from France named Yasmin Liverneaux Belkhodja. 

Taylor sat down with Thomas Cardone and he explained a ton of things about this band and how all of them got started. Thomas and Eric were already in the scene and decided to start a band.

They put an ad out looking for a vocalist, that ad got all the way to France where Yasmine sent them some of her work. As soon as they heard her they knew that they needed to get her here in the states.

Social media plays a huge part on how they met up and got started working together with all of the guys already being immersed in the scene they were able to put out new music. With Yas being in a different country, every time she was here they would have to get everything in when she was here including all the music videos and tiktoks.

The tiktoks they created and the music on Spotify and Youtube videos started a following with a ton of supporters enjoying the powerful female vocalist with intense gutturals, hard breakdowns and the history behind some of the songs.

I asked Thomas what some of the songs meant from the newest ep and he told me about Greek mythology lore and guillotining the royals in the French revolution and a woman blamed for killing young girls and bathing in their blood because a lord lied.

The song sirens of beautiful beings luring sailors to their death. The strange sounds and gutturals that this band has will make you wanna walk till your death and crawl through hell just to have Yasmine scream at you.

The memorizing vocals with Yasmine and the combined sounds from the other members makes this deathcore band way different then most in the scene. 

With that being said, being a woman in the metal scene can be different in it’s own way and Yasmine proves she is worth it with the hard work and motivation she puts in. Women have it harder in a male dominated genre and it’s amazing seeing someone like her pave the way for other women and girls looking to do the same thing. 

The interview was done in November and their first show was in January and with all the ads and videos a ton of people showed up for their first time playing live. Traveling 6 hours just to support this band was worth it with the performance they put out. 

 While they waited for the other bands to go off they were recording a new music video which will have scenes from their show. I don’t think they expected to have as many people show up and have a ton of merch sold but they did and a lot of people came out to support this band.

Seeing all the excitement from the crowd I knew immediately this band would go somewhere and seeing the excitement from the band I knew they could handle it. This band put out a very good performance. The energy they gave made the room move and appear alive with so much energy from the crowd.

  Coming to the end of this article with the opinion I made based on seeing this band live and talking and taking pictures, I know this band will have the support they desire to keep moving on up and get everything they are working hard for. I wrote this article in hopes that people have the same opinion and go out and actually see this wonderful band like I did and buy their really cool merch to help this band get to their goals. Bands have to start somewhere and they proved that hard work pays off and have shown other bands that it’s also possible for them to make the same moves. 

Check out the full interview on YouTube and pictures of the live set!