About TGL

Hello! I’m Taylor! I’m a podcaster in the RVa Metal music scene. I host interviews with musicians, bands and all types of people in and around (but not exclusive to) Richmond! I aim to give the world an in-depth look into musicians, either your favorites or perhaps possibly introduce you to some bands you’ve never heard of! I’m trying to expand and build an Empire! I hope you enjoy my content!

I also create a whole line of nature based merchandise, including wholesome, long lasting candles that promote positive energy and cleansing. I also make soaps, clothing, and other products to ease life’s burdens on you. I use only the best herbs and scents that provide a natural and pure fragrance to be carried throughout any room or house. I can also offer custom made sigil candles for anything you may want to flourish in your life, or release from it.

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All natural candle and soap production.